Adzbux Guide
Adzbux has been buying and selling traffic since March 2016. Back then we had 1 Rotator and just a few thousand members. We were predominatly a PTC website with PTP, once Paypal shut us down (Twice) we have still stayed strong using Cryptocurrencies as one of our most dominant processors. Many people wonder how and why we have become so sucessful and managed to stay online for over 3 years! We sell different types of trafic that bring our advertisers income through 3rd party advertisers, it makes their site more valuable and visible naturally through the major search engines and we also have been known to build downlines on new websites and some established sites.
Heres how you can also enjoy the benefits of our Advrtisers.

Natural Rotator.
This is featured on our Click, Surf and Quality PTP section. With this rotator you will get the referrals you need for any website. The categories that do well here are PTC, Faucets, Affiliate links to casinos, and trading sites. You can also promote ICO's and a select amount of trusted Investment sites.
From just $1 per day you may not find a cheaper way to get referrals!

Alexa Booster Rotator.
We buy Alexa Toolbar user visits, from users of the Alexa toolbar, this creates links through alexa and improves your alexa rank. We use it for many of our own projects that are well over the top 200,000 websites on the internet. you can expect to get to this stage and maybe higher using our Alexa booster. The traffic may not convert or bring you much income from 3rd party websites but you will see a massive increase in your alexa rank after 7 days of advertising for a minimum of 3 days.

Mass Traffic Rotator.
This is everything! Our own member visits from Click, Surf and our grid. We also have added some alexa Booster traffic and our own blend of other traffic from Adzbux partners we have been using for years. This is our Flagship Rotator and has been used by many happy advertisers and you will never see this rotator empty. It is said to deliver up to 200,000 visits daily but usually exceeds this and has been known to send over half a million visits to each website! Definatly worth trying for just $5 per day.

PTP Credits.
These are raw visits from our PTP pages. These are unmetered and unrestricted visits that last from 3 seconds to over 20 seconds. The biggest mix of pure people power. Advertise here with credits and only pay for visits recieved (you may get more than the credits you allocate but these do not last at least 5 seconds) Very popular with other PTC sites and new projects.