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Started by Lee 2017-08-06 at 16:30
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Adzbux has been very successful even in adversity. All thanks to you.. Our advertisers, promoters and loyal members. So we are giving you the chance to shape our future. A website run by members, for members.

Here is what is planned for Adzbux v2 (Updated version)

1. Simplifying our Advertising system. I understand some users are not using the correct advertising method for their budget/needs, we are looking to change the descriptions and some small functionality to give you better choice and make the choice clearer.

2. Updating our Traffic exchange, monthly draw feature and a few other of our unique features will be tweaked and updated to make them better.
Updates include:
Updated Referral earnings, earn from all features from your referrals!
Completely re worked Traffic exchange with chat and games,
Monthly draw changed to Instant draw. Quicker winnings and more winners.
referral earnings on daily bonus

3. Core changes: We are looking to integrate VPN and proxy detection so members cannot call us scam once they have been found to use proxy or other cheating methods and a shamed list with all people banned because of abuse. We always listen to your reason, to show this we will allow 1 appeal per account if you think there has been a mistake.

4. PTP changes:
We dont want to change this feature but we will simplify it once more. We will have the following PTP:
Safe: - Ptp visits will be screened for Proxy/VPN detection, iframe size issues and a few other safety measures. if your traffic is real and valid it will pass and be credited if it isnt it will be rejected. This ptp page is also safe to display on PTC's, Traffic exchanges etc, theres no overload of ads, no popunders and no other slow loading content and will have the highest payout.

Iframe: - If you have iframe traffic we will remove the iframe restriction on this ptp page so you can still get some smaller earnings for half page views.

Power: - This is a ptp that will accept all visits. With the lowest payout as long as they are real visitors and they fill our requirements meter we will pay you a smaller amount for these.

Its similar to already but the Power PTP will be easier to earn from than we currently have, and the Safe PTP will pay more than our Promote 20 does right now. So there will be benefits for everyone and not much will change for current users, the idea is to increase your earnings.

5. More payment processors. We have had a few issues in the past with processors, slow confirmations and account issues. So we wil update all processors and aim to accept 8 or more payment processors and aim to pay users from all processors giving you more flexibility and security.

These are the planned upgrades, if you want to know more detail on any of them (Except the feature upgrades) post here and we will try to answer all questions you have. Similarly if you want a feature added or want to contribute to the updates with ideas and suggestions feel free to reply with info.

thank you
- Lee
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We now have 3 Rotators..

Adzbux Mass Traffic:
For busy websites adding Mass traffic rotator ads will give you more of a boost, it will give you more activity on your website and more eyes on your website too. So if its good enough you may get some of our bespoke audience to join. Your site will get 200,000+ visits daily so be sure your hosting can handle this. You can get all of this from just $5 per day.

Adzbux Alexa Booster
If your website has moderate traffic and you are stagnating on the Alexa ranking then this Alexa booster traffic will be perfect for your website. It will give a kick of activity to your website and unlike the mass traffic we diversify the visits you receive giving a good mix of unique and repeat visits, this will give your alexa rank a boost and your bounce rate wont be so high these are all factors that increase your alexa rank. We send 100,000+ visits daily for just $3 per day, so you definitely get your moneys worth.

Adzbux Natural Flow
For new websites start off your promotion with natural flow traffic. All natural flow visitors come from Adzbux, we send very few visits per minute allowing your website to grow slowly and naturally with full traceable history to your visits. This is perfect for new websites and very low traffic websites you will be happy with the results. As we send just 10,000+ visits daily with this we charge $1 per day and for now you can only buy it monthly, in our experience 30 days is the minimum term you should tun this rotator for your traffic to register and see how natural it is.

We still have our Very popular PTP, banner credits and Traffic Exchange credits..
All available from the Advertising page: