Benefits of Advertising.

Started by Lee 2016-03-13 at 10:34
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Hello. I want to explain how our unique advertising system works.

Fixed Ads:
Fixed ads get between 20,000 - 40,000 daily views. We run your ad here and on our advertising network where millions of people will see your ad and may even view it. These natural visitors are higher quality and will increase your alexa ranking naturally, you will also earn from your 3rd party banner ads from these views.

PTP Credits:
These are millions of visitors that have earned for viewing your link. They are all real visitors mainly from the USA. You can get hundreds of thousands or just thousands, ptp credits put you in complete control.

In the same viewing pool as PTP Credits and Fixed ads the rotator will get millions of views and so will your link. This is the most powerful way to advertise and will skyrocket your alexa rank within weeks of running an ad.

PTC Credits, Banner Credits & Grid view Days:
Just like on a a normal ptc only to be seen by members interested in PTC. These will be more and more useful as we grow..

I hope this helps you when choosing advertising on Adzbux.
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tnku for info bro verry honest
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Didn't expect to see that here.
Rotator and PTP same pool?
But you also get a backlink on!
(if you stay for long enough so google sees it)