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Started by Lee 2018-11-26 at 14:46
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Sorry its a bit late, but here is a forum post for those who read it.

This years black Friday offer is 20% extra on all deposits and 30% off all our special packs. to be found under advertising, these special packs are going to be gone by the new year, so get them while you can.

This is the Big news, we have introduced Coins... Find these in your account under earnings. I am going to run a test with a few ads, limited to 1,000 total credits per ad.. Intrigued? click the account link and go look right now :)

Here is a list of changes we are planning for the new year. You will slowly see things being adapted throughout December ready for the new year.
Gone! Kaput! Is no more:
The traffic exchange will be removed. There are a few bugs and issues we cannot solve right now and the whole system wasnt as popular as we had hoped. After more than a year we still only have about 1,000 daily clickers. We hope the replacement for this will be more popular!
Promote 7 and promote 20 will be going. Promote 12 will be renamed to simple PTP and will still function as it did before, so you wont see much of a difference in earnings.
Special Packs: as you know them right now will be going and making room for new packs to accommodate the new features.

Make way for the new! Here is what is coming in 2019:
Paid to Click! Yes you heard it. We are making way for a brand new PTC system than incorporates coins. Use coins earned from clicking to win prizes and cash! as our system grows and gets more robust we will be opening cash ads, visit for longer but earn cash. These cash ads are expected to be ready around March 2019.
Adzbux Play: Lotto, Lucky Dip, the RollerBall and many more already planned, made and in progress features to use your coins on, points and cash to win bigger prizes and even real Vouchers for Google Play, Amazon and more! Lets make Adzbux pay!
NEW PTP: some things never change, but our PTP is one that will keep moving with the times. choose from Simple PTP (our current promote 12) Smart PTP (a new form of intelligence only allowing the best visits to be counted and sent to the advertiser) and Approved PTP (Get a gold class service, for those who send the best quality PTP and always send converting traffic beat the rush and get your own server to send traffic to, a fresh I.P list giving you more 1st visit rewards and overall improving your PTP results through our bespoke service) Approved PTP is scheduled to be finished in the 2nd Quater of 2019.

Our final Position on paypal! There have been many ups and down with this company. We tried not to use them but we alienated a vast quantity of our advertisers and members. So we have asked Paypal for one final meeting where they will investigate our past 11 years history with them, all selling, changes with their ToS etc... If they agree to approve us directly (it is me as a person that was originally banned) then Kev got a complete ban, then our financial director is currently holding our Paypal for private deposits and a 3rd company handles our on site paypal payments.
If we get re approved for paypal we will add them directly to all our other sites and keep the withdrawal here. We will still only use paypal 3rd Party on Adzbux with strict limits even if we get approved. This way we still comply with all paypals rules. If they dont allow us we will keep 3rd party payments on all of our sites with limits, we will remove all bonuses using paypal, leaving it as just an option to add funds favouring all other deposit options.

Its been a mad year but we have come out stronger, overcome Paypal adversities again, and 80% of our loyal paypal users have moved over to debit/credit card facilities. for this i thank you, i thank all of you for moving with the times, adapting and relaxing while everything unfolded. We also lost many many thousands of dollars in investment due to 3rd parties no longer wanting to work with us , gpoing scam or simply not paying us, Namely JSE Coin, Mellowads, many small startup PTC sites, Traffic Exchanges. Our only 3rd party company we will use on adzbux is Adhitz. they have shown unwaivering loyalty, advice and help for us and even with their own issues still have never done us wrong and we want to repay this kindness. So i will be blocking any spambot/badbot/non google bot sent to our PTP if you send this type of trsffic instead of it being ignored or sent to google we will also suspend your account indefinatly. We have never been strict but for a few very evil traffic types that seem to be shared by 10 specific users (all suspended) we will do everything we can to stop you sending this type of traffic. Going into 2019 we should now all know the direction of Adzbux for the future. This is good news for everyone.
Thanks for reading

- Lee
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Great Work.

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