How to deposit to Adzbux using Paypal

Started by Lee 2019-01-19 at 16:24
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Hello all, Lee the Admin here..
I hope you are all well and enjoying Adzbux. I thought i would take some time to share with you my hints and tips on how to make paypal work for you. Since it hasnt worked for the PTC Industry but many of you still use it and prefer to use it where you can here are some hints, tips and things yo maybe didnt know to help you make Paypal work for you.,

To use paypal on Adzbux and Global Advertising Service LTD websites you can do one or some of the following:

1. If allowed get a paypal debit card and use our debit card processing service to buy direct from your paypal account
2. Join wirex, get verified and order a debit card. Once you get the card add funds using paypal and use our debit card processing service to add funds.
3. Join Local Bitcoins and buy bitcoin with paypal, fast friendly low cost service. Then use our Coinpayments processor to deposit using the bitcoins you purchased.
4. Withdraw from paypal and send us funds using bank transfer. UK Local Transfer, SWIFT or SEPA transfer. To add funds using bank transfer open a support ticket with your country, bank and name for deposit instructions.

Here is some information to those who have, have had, or think they may have problems with paypal.
1. Remember at all times, paypal can close your account for any reason, at any time even without reason. It says so in their terms and conditions. So if they dont like your email address, they can close your account. they can even close your account because they feel like it. Any reason, at any time.

2. Dont leave large amounts of cash in paypal, even after their 18-0 day hold they have been known to ask for documentation that doesnt exist to give you access to your funds. The most recent reports are that they ask for the same documents over and over rejecting everytime you upload for one reason or another.

3. If you are from the UK and have had problems with Paypal you can report them to the Financial Services Ombudsman only if you have no reply or no solution to your problems and have waited at least 8 weeks after contacting them.