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At Adzbux we have lots of unique advertising methods. We can send millions of visitors to our advertisers sites daily. But what is the best choice?

Fixed Adz
Adzbux Members, Outside Visitors and Referral Rotator Visits. This has some of everything. Between 10,000 - 25,000 Visits daily. if you want advertisers and members to see your site then this is for you.

Mass Rotator Adz
100k+ hits daily. Mainly from PTP and Traffic Exchanges, you may get some referrals from this traffic but it is mass traffic to improve your Alexa rank mainly. Setup a rotator link for 3 - 12 months to grow to the top 100,000 Alexa rank easily. Your site will be higher in google and be seem by more real customers. by far the best and most popular long term advertising plan at the right price.

Referral Rotator Adz
These are the Highest quality and also we can send over 30,000 daily visits from over 10 High positioned PTC websites. Full of active and happy members just waiting to join your site. All Visitors will be eager to join and maybe even invest. They come from high paying PTC sites so they have lots of earnings to re invest. if you have the right opportunity this could be the only place you need to advertise!

You can promote your site with limited daily visitors. This is the same as mass traffic Rotator but for smaller sites with lower hosting plans, so you dont destroy your bandwith or slow your site down using PTP ads you can control the daily visitors to your site.

These are categorised, Targeted and Forced view ads. These are very high quality visits so you will get less daily visitors. But you will only get interested visitors in your niche from any country you choose.

Grid Adz
Much lower quality visitors mainly waiting for a prize but if you have an outstanding website this will complete the overall viewing of your website. Making it pop up on winning visits will please the visitor and they may even join your site.

Choose how much traffic you want to receive daily then buy the type of advertising that suits your needs.
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