Viruses, Key-loggers, Hacker Attacks & Account Security!

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The FBI and Interpol has confirmed it.

Keylogging Theft is the NUMBER 1 global internet crime and will be for a long time.
New Viruses:

SupTab - a browser hijacker that redirects searches to harmful sites. The malware that stands out among 13 million new viruses within the last 30 days one that stands out - 6/9/15
browsefox - turning your browser into a billboard by infecting browsers and displaying ads - non-stop - that are very hard to remove...
Somoto - can be very similar to spigot and could come from free downloads;
Somoto Gen2 is a clever AdWare virus that hides in legitimate software and secretly installs malicious programs that take control of your web browser;
Framer - a new drive-by install virus that secretly steals data and capable of capturing your guarded email address as well as your log in details or passwords;
Seedabutor - a browser hijacker that redirects searches to harmful sites;
Spigot Toolbar Virus is potential malware categorized as a browser hijacker similar to Conduit Toolbar that installs as a browser add-on, browser helper object (BHO), and browser extension with or without user consent and changes existing internet browser settings of popular internet browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer and also causes problems relative to the invasion of privacy and system functionality for many users.

This warning is critical especially for the proliferation of hackers in PTC sites.

B E W A R E !!!

For virus protection installation a free malwarebytes or an effective anti-virus is a must.

For Key-logger and hacker protection, clean up of browser should be done regularly. Changing of password to a more difficult to copy should also be implemented especially to email addresses. For me I disabled automatic password memory of my browser.

Maybe, this might not be sufficient and I hope technicians can do more suggestions. This could serve as a basis for Admin to help provide assistance to its members to safeguard themselves from these nemeses.

More Solutions Suggested by a Friend:--

1-Always type some additional characters in the mid , at the end , beginning of mix of this scheme.
Then select the additional(extra) characters typed in your password and Delete them from your password , to correct your password.
this way u have a better chance of deceiving the key-logger

2-If you need to use a public PC, then use a mobile password management/form filling application such as Siber Systems' Pass2Go roboform filler. Pass2Go runs off a USB memory key and protects your passwords behind a master password. Even if the master password is, it's useless to the thief unless he has your USB key, too. It's not a foolproof solution, but it will evade hacking tools that rely on capturing keyboard events .

3- some anti-key-logger soft wares are listed below :

There are many solutions to this
DataGuard Anti-Key-logger
KL-Detector v1.3
Keylogger Blocker
Zemana AntiLogger
spy guard

Email security

As email is not a secure method of transmitting information, always be careful when sending sensitive information via email. Use caution before responding to email requests for account login or other personal information.
Never enter any information into an email or pop up. Prince Fund will never solicit account or personal information via email.
Do not open emails from unrecognized senders.
Use spam detectors to filter malicious and fraudulent emails.
Beware of emails that request you to click on a link or visit a web site. These links could lead to malicious sites intended on gathering your personal information. Such malicious sites often look very similar to the legitimate web site of the companies being misrepresented. These emails typically convey a sense of urgency.
Account Security
Security of information is paramount at Cash Yeild. We work continuously to safeguard your accounts, employing the very latest technology and security methods. We can't do it alone, however. Only you can protect your personal computer from identity theft. Below are key steps you can take to reduce your online risks significantly.

Secure your home computer

Follow these steps to protect your computer:
Anti-Virus Software must be Up-to-Date
Anti-Spyware Software must be Up-to-Date
Personal Firewall needed
Regular Installation of Security Updates (Best Automatic Option)
Your Wireless Home Network Protection
Exercise Caution with Wireless Hotspots
Minimize your online risk
Follow these steps to protect you from internet fraud:
Protect Your Passwords
Do NOT use same Passwords
Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams
Do NOT Open Unexpected E-Mail (Especially with Attachments)
Do NOT E-Mail Personal or Financial Data
Do NOT Be a Victim of Session Stealing (Always use Logout button)

Tips to Avoid Phishing

- Avoid entering your account information within ads. Phishers will create pages to look like this site to get your login details. Never login without navigating to our homepage first.
- Avoid clicking links or opening attachments within emails unless you know/trust that the sender is genuine. Many times phishing emails try to spoof the actual senders logo images and email copy. If you get spoof emails from Paypal or Payza you can always forward them to spoof at or spoof at and they will take action against the phishers.
- Use good anti virus programs such as Comodo and MalwareBytes together as they can help with online protection.
- In most cases phishing in the PTC industry is done through ads. This is why you should never enter your login details of a previously joined site within a ad frame as this is likely a attempt to phish your account details.
- If you have the slightest doubt about something go with your instincts. In most cases the phishing ads have ridiculous claims like Make 1000 dollars instantly, etc.

What to do if your Account was Phished

When phiser is detected within the system it is suggested to suspend him/her until the owner sends in a support ticket to stop the phisher and to prevent further abuse on the account holders account. I would suggest logging into your account, changing your password and then looking on your login history page and scan for ips that are logging into your account that are not yours. Once you identify ip's accessing your account that are not yours, you should take a screenshot and send in a ticket outlining which ones are not yours so we can ban the ips from the server.

If you even think your account has been phished you should change your password and look at your login history which can be found on the bottom left hand menu of your account area. Login history will show you all the latest logins/ ips / browsers that have accessed your account.

Hope this will help.

Happy Earning and Stay Safe!
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