Global Advertising Service Token Private Sale.

Started by Lee 2019-09-18 at 15:43
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An idea jut takes a leap of faith. I have setup a new cryptocurrency token that will work independently of mass adoption, it will also work if it is used on mass. This token will be sold Off chain during the Private sale, it will then adopt a 'typical' ICO structure to sell more tokens and gather more momentum.

We have had an initial airdrop for our valued Adzbux members, you can also purchase tokens on our website with a 30% discount from the ICO price. We mentioned in an email that there would be a fee of 250 tokens to withdraw, this will only apply if you are withdrawing airdropped tokens, if you purchase at least 1,000 tokens yourself you will pay 0 withdrawal fees. The way we will find this tokens use im fairly sure you will never pay withdrawal fees on any website that this is integrated on (Except maybe exchanges, this will have to be a separate discussion)

You will be the first to find out about any update or new releases relating to the GLAD token.