Bitcoin Bonus!

Started by Lee 2016-06-16 at 18:28
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As you may have noticed bitcoin has been rising recently..
Do you hold or do you sell? This is the main question!

Well. if you hold onto it, bitcoin may stop rising as it needs to be traded for the system to work. If you sell you may lose out if it rises... That is if you can sell... Some people still cannot convert their bitcoin to cash!

Well we take all the issues away. Use your bitcoin to add funds to your Adzbux account and you will get an EXTRA 30% Bonus! After your deposit open a ticket with EXTRA 30% after your deposit and we will add the bonus. Remember if you deposit over $100 you will also get an INSTANT 10% bonus!

If you still dont know what bitcoins are and want to get an extra 30% Deposit bonus it is explained below...

Bitcoin is a Decentralised form of virtual currency. it is mined from puzzles/equations these are solved by CPU Processors. It is anonymous and completely safe. The price has been rising steadily, but the hash rewards will half soon. Many roumour this will lower the price as less bitcoin can be mined. You may think there will be less available but over 60% of miners have been holding their bitcoins so if they sell once the reward is lowered to keep their income then there will be a flood of bitcoin on the market and the price will plummet!

So, if you want to buy bitcoin with a credit or debit card... Click Here

Once you purchase $100 of bitcoin you will get an extra $10 in bitcoin for free as a gift from Coinbase.
You can then use this $110 or more Bitcoin to add funds to Adzbux, you will get an extra 10% + 30%..

eg... You buy $1,000 bitcoin & get $10 extra. You deposit $1010 to your Adzbux account and get $101 Bonus instantly & $303 Bonus once you open a ticket. So you have $1414 to spend and it only cost you $1,000...

These bonuses are only available for a limited time...