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Earning options being Upgraded
Published on 12-06-2018

We still have our Surf for cash Feature but with the recent paypal developments we are considering bringing back PTC, we will bring back only advertisers ads and we hope to get up to 10,000+ Daily clickers. Your old PTC referrals can reactivate their accounts so you wont lose out on old referrals you once got.


We will be announcing the full list at the end of the week. Until then we have removed AdzGrid (there were some bugs we need to remove, while we upgrade all the earning features we may choose to replace adzgrid with a more accessible solution.


Thank you for your understanding, support and patience.


- Kev & Lee

New Special Packs Celebrating our 3rd year online!
Published on 25-03-2018

With these new special packs, small and large advertisers can make huge savings (up to 55% off) on their daily adertising needs:

Small Pack - $10.00 (Worth $13)

  • 1 Natural Rotator Credits
  • 1 Alexa Booster Credits
  • 1 Mass Rotator Credits
  • 50000 Paid To Promote Credits
  • 1 Direct Referrals

Medium Pack - $50.00 (Worth $65)

  • 2 Direct Referrals
  • 300000 Paid To Promote Credits
  • 6 Mass Rotator Credits
  • 6 Alexa Booster Credits
  • 6 Natural Rotator Credits

Large Pack - $250.00 (Worth $380)

  • 10 Direct Referrals
  • 1750000 Paid To Promote Credits
  • 35 Mass Rotator Credits
  • 35 Alexa Booster Credits
  • 35 Natural Rotator Credits

Huge Pack - $1250.00 (Worth $2100)

  • 50 Direct Referrals
  • 10000000 Paid To Promote Credits
  • 200 Mass Rotator Credits
  • 200 Alexa Booster Credits
  • 200 Natural Rotator Credits

Webmaster Pack - $5000.00 (Worth $10,300, 55% Off!)

  • 1000 Natural Rotator Credits
  • 1000 Alexa Booster Credits
  • 1000 Mass Rotator Credits
  • 50000000 Paid To Promote Credits
  • 200 Direct Referrals

These packs will only be avilable for a limited amount of time with such huge savings isnt it time you stocked up on the best priced advertising on the internet?

Adzbux Upgrade weekend begins.
Published on 18-11-2017

We value your continued support and activity on our website so after 1 year and 9 months online we have decided to Upgrade to a more secure core script. Evolution script Ultimate Version heavily modded.. We have added more security, made our features more robust and added statistics where needed.

 Here is a shorthand list of all the changes made so far:

Daily bonus deposit bonus is now automatic. no need to open a ticket and wait.

All Rotator ads are manageabble from the manage ads section, and they all stay for 5 days after expiry if you want to renew or check stats, after 5 days the inactive ads will be removed.

The old PTP will remain active and have basic stats added.

The New PTP is Invite only we will be inviting members to this over the next few weeks.

We have cleaned up the links, and removed the offerwalls for a seperate upgrade. (Due mid December)

Upgraded the core to our Heavily modded Evolution Ulimate Script. (Cleared all old files and streamlined all other files)

Our surf feature is now more robust and shouldnt show expired or inactive ads so often making for a more pleasent surf experiance. (Member feedback is needed)

You can also see how many pages you and your referrals have surfed in the last 7 days using our Statistic charts.


Our Mass Traffic Rotator is now integrated into the script and now gives referral comissions like all the other ad purchase options, this will help our advertisers manage their ads more efficently and allow our promoters to earn comissions on one of our most popular products.As a note to all existing ads, they all have no title, but you can now create new ads with titles and allocate credits as needed, no need to create the ad at the time of purchasing credits. We have lots of testing to do but the advertising and Paid to promote remains unchanged, so these showld still function correctly. We will send an email Sunday night when the upgrade is complete with a nice little surprice :)

 If you find any bugs please report them using the support ticket system.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update Number 2!
Published on 12-08-2017

We have fixd the design issue, it seems some pages were forgotten about when we added the new design. So the Traffic Exchange page, Manage Ads pade, Lotto Page and others will not render better on all devices.


Traffic Exchange:

After some trying we were unable to pay as much as we wanted for the traffic exchange. Surf our advertisers websites and earn up to 0.25 per 1,000 Pages surfed. Use the credits to advertise your website or convert to cash! This is one of the best paying traffic exchanges and we reward all members with a 1:1 Ratio for earning. meaning 1 page surfed, 1 credit earned. This is a great offer, invite your friends as referral comissions of 50% are scheduled for a few weeks time, so you will need your friends to help!


We are flying through the updates and our team is working round the clock to bring you the best experiance. If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to open a support ticket or discuss in our forums.

New Advertising Options
Published on 07-08-2017

New advertising options are being added over the next few days.

Natural Rotator: This will send 10,000+ visits to the link you choose for just $1 per day. A more natural way to promote your website and slowly moving up the Alexa ladder. The main reason we sell this as months not days is you need a longer term to see the slow progression of interest in your website. It will look much better for outsiders looking at your alexa rank and website popularity. Also this has a new traffic source, so by using all 3 rotators you will have a complete advertising solution for your website!

Alexa Boost Rotator:

This rotator will send 100,000+ Visits to your website for $3 per day, uncapped so whebn there are not many advertisers you will recieve many more visits than 100,000. perfect for boosting your Alexa rank if your alrready being promoted, it will increas the rate nicely.

 Adzbux Mass Traffic: As before, but soon will be updated to credits, like the others.

We will also eventually add statistics pages for these rotators so you can see how your ad would perform before purchasing. The first step on our Adzbux Upgrade..


*Edit* We have also imported the Adzbux Rotator website banner to use for Adzbux, you earn referral comissions here from your advertisers purchases, and Adzbux Rotator will soon be renovated and rebranded to avoid alot of confusion that has been around for the last year. All members, statistics and ads will remain, the only change will be design and domain, you can still login with your details. (Est time until completion - 1 month)