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March 1st 2020

Contest Winners!

Referral contest winners:
1st flora 340976 Points & Wins $100
2nd yiajr 165829 Points & Wins $50
3rd www-GAB-ag 162025 Points & Wins $25
4th avk12 151228 Points & Wins $20
5th Lee 94487 Points & Wins $17.5
6th Jonnes 90136 Points & Wins $12.5
7th liana12345 71022 Points & Wins $10
8th ebesuchersurf 61197 Points & Wins $7.5
9th traxador 49328 Points & Wins $5
10th rotate4all 48835 Points & Wins $2.5

Points contest winners:
1st NBradley 1976430 Points & Wins $100
2nd usingit 1800180 Points & Wins $50
3rd zaisavso 1437592 Points & Wins $25
4th vad2016 1361043 Points & Wins $20
5th igorsch 1217704 Points & Wins $17.5
6th hasmas 990153 Points & Wins $12.5
7th Apofis69 927120 Points & Wins $10
8th Sawyessig 926240 Points & Wins $7.5
9th aptably 925100 Points & Wins $5
10th serjio85 832050 Points & Wins $2.5

We now Celebrate our 4th Birthday this month. Watch out from the 7th for some Birthday Surprises!
January 22nd 2020

New Site Alerts!

Following the success of our new Bitcoin Faucet AdzBTC, we have decided to launch more with different currencies, now there should be an AdzFaucet for everyone!

AdzBCH! - New site earn Bitcoin Cash
AdzLTC! - New site earn Litecoin
AdzBSV! - New site earn Bitcoin SV
AdzDOGE! - New site earn DOGECoin

All are fully complete crypto faucets, watch videos to earn, upgrade using our custom upgrade system, and invite members and earn comissions. These sites are starting their journey to greatness Be part of it from the beginning!
January 10th 2020

$500 Giveaway!

Points Contest: $250 Prize Pool for the top 10 Active Members!

Cash Surfer Click - 1 Point, 10c earned on Offerwalls/Video - 1 Point, Magic Square View - 2 Points, 1 Adbrix Purchased - 5 Points
Go to the earning section now to start earning Points and Cash!
Earnings Area

Referral Contest: $250 Prize Pool for the top 10 Active Referrers!

Referral Cash Surfer Click - 1 Point, Referral Magic Square View - 2 Points, Referral Adbrix Purchase - 5 Points, Go to the referral section now to start referring members!
We have also launched 2 new features, Paid to View Videos and Magic Square!
Magic Square offers advertisers to advertise their ads with no iframe, it is all your ad. Nothing else. Perfect for Adsense and site that block iframe visits. Youtubers can also promote themselves from just 1 cent per view on your youtube video..
See how good they are below..
Magic Square AND Paid Videos
January 1st 2020

Welcome to the new look Adzbux!

Not much has changed, we have just updated the script to our own custom one.
The PTC is now Cash Surfer, This also replaces the Traffic Exchange. The PTP has changed, but only got better. Please update your links as soon as possible!

Now you can Subscribe to our A.I Technology to see who on your website is using a VPN/Proxy, using iframes/Bots and who acts suspiciously, by looking at your own rejection logs and advanced Statistics. Great for site owners to stop cheaters, also great for advertisers to see which sites have the highest quality Members.

Bug Fixes